Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How Moving is like Easter

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Not Safe

We moved out of our beloved 900 square foot apartment on February 25th. It had served us well for 4 years and it's where we brought our babies home.

BabIES, though. Not baby. When baby brother moved in, things got tight. Our tiny roommate would press his face up against the rungs of his crib and smack his lips at me all night long. The 24 hour buffet had to end. So we moved.

We had an awkward 10 days between leases so we bunked up with my in-laws. They were gracious and helpful hosts but my kids lost. their. ever. loving. minds.

Sissy cranked up the crazy and did exactly the opposite of everything I said for 10 days straight. At different times I caught her (among other things) running her own bath water unsupervised, strolling around in the STREET unsupervised, and filling multiple containers to overflowing with the water spout on the delux fridge. Unsupervised. Really though, where WAS her mother?

Her mother was begging lil Gandhi the hunger strike baby to PLEAAAAASE EAT. That's right. The baby stopped taking bottles. And if you follow my life at all you know he cant tolerate a solid without vomiting. So I was syringing formula into his mouth 1/3 of an ounce at a time. Good times.

So what happened?!? Why was Ellie trying to flood the establishment? Why was brother bear taking a stand against nourishment? I think they were stuck in the in-between. They felt that unsettled feeling that you get in your gut when you aren't sure how something is about to play out.

You know. When a doctor skips a beat before telling you what's up. When you feel yourself drifting into a "heated" discussion. When you slam on the brakes. When you ease out of the "safe zone."

We went back to our "safe zone" a few days after we had officially moved to finish grabbing the last few things and to vacuum up the massive hairballs off of the floor because we don't want our ex-management to think we're gross. The weird thing was- it wasn't safe anymore. It didn't have our stuff and it wasn't comforting to my kids. It was a big empty place that used to be ours. We had something way way better to look forward to, but geez- who knew that leaving the shoebox would be such a deal?

I've always thought about Easter with this framework- although I didn't have words for it until I realized what was happening during the FAMILY FREAKOUT. I've always thought about those poor disciples who had invested so much in this now dead Savior. What a long three days in the in between.  They were out of the safe zone from His death on Friday until His resurrection on Sunday. They tried to go back to their previous lives. Specifically I feel for Peter because there are so many details about him. He tried to go back to fishing, but I bet it didn't feel right anymore. It was probably like that big empty, hair ball infested apartment. I bet his stomach just dropped when he got back to the boat.

Something better

EK now calls our new townhouse her "big house." As in- she walks around telling people she lives in "the big house." Like... jail. But not actually. We've got new appliances, nice floors, AND A THIRD BEDROOM FOR THE SECOND CHILD. Our quality of life has gone from like a 3 to a 10. We sleep through the night regularly for the first time in almost a year. I now make attempts at cleaning spit up stains off of the floor because I'm domestic like that. And because I've slept enough to be able to spell my name. 

Even better- a dead man isn't dead anymore. I mean really- can you imagine? Someone who is really dead... isn't dead anymore. He is risen! The pit in our stomachs should melt - we have a new, very reliable safe zone to put our faith in.

Our security isn't contingent on the physical laws of earthly life and death because death is conquered. What better news could there be?

We are resurrection people! We aren't uneasy about being stuck in an unknown. We know. Even when we don't know specifics about this life, we KNOW about a Savior that says there is life after death. We are confident in Him alone. 

We look forward to something way way better.

"But my friends, we are Easter people! We stand on resurrection ground. Easter is not only our greatest party.. Easter is the only reason we are here at all! St. Paul says in 1 Corinthians, "If Christ is not raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins." Without Easter, Jesus of Nazareth would be a curious historical footnote. Without Easter, the world would still be divided into waiting Jews and puzzled pagans. 

So why, when we get to Easter Day, do we not celebrate wildly, lavishly, glouriously, at great length, and with studied disregard for normal propriety?

We should meet regularly for Easter parties. We should drink champagne at breakfast... We should sing and dance and blow trumpets and put out banners in the streets... 

We should be doing things that which would make our serious neighbors say 'What is the meaning of this outrageous party?"' 

- NT Wright