Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Problem With WWJD

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This post was born in the Chick Fil A drive thru line.

The grandma-esque lady driving the ride in front of mine puffed on her cigarette and dropped it haphazardly on the ground.

I watched her and thought "wow... that's kind of rude." And then, I kid you not, my mind went like this:
"but.... WWJD?!?"

If you didn't grow up in the 90's then let me help you. WWJD = What Would Jesus Do. One's level of spirituality could be easily measured by the number of colored WWJD inscribed bracelets worn all the way up the arm. Bonus points for the rainbow edition. (Exhale. That's before rainbow had a different connotation.)

So back to Chick Fil A.

What Would Jesus Do? 

My kids were asleep, so I had time to think about it. Would he

A. Put the car in park. Go pick up the cigarette, put it in the trash bin, come back, hug the lady, give her a holy kiss, a back massage, and then offer to buy her chicken sandwich?

B. Ignore it because HE DIDN'T COME TO JUDGE?!?

C. Slide out the side of the car, sneakily pick it up, hold it until she drove away, THEN throw it away so that his good deed could be done in secret?

D. Not overanalyze a stupid cigarette.

E. Not even be at CFA because his body is a temple?

Something else? Possibly tell a cryptic story about a man with a field and a basket of chicken nuggets that only those with "ears to hear" would understand?

I don't know. 

I've been a Christian for a 100 years (minus a few) and I just don't know. It's a silly thought, and I was prepared to be like Elsa and LET IT GO but then I came home and read an article a fellow Christian friend had posted on facebook.

Why did I even do that?

It was an argument by a Christian for other Christians to not support a particular Christian ministry. I kind of -ISH agreed with some of her points but I didn't think any of them were as hard and fast as how she presented them. And then I thought, "here we go again... what is the right answer here? WWJD?!"

Tis the culture to pick a pet thing and pull scripture to support it and feel really passionately about it and feel like YOU ARE RIGHT and then have a long facebook debate about it. Its so tricky though, when other believers that we love and respect feel differently about that thing. It can be so divisive.

YETTTT.... there is also a place for healthy disagreement and open and respectful conversation.

For me, this is where I have to go back to the hard and fast basics of my faith. The non-negotiables. Think through what those are. Then think about other things that I feel very strongly about but aren't necessarily a pillar of my faith. THEN think about things like the cigarette that's just burning away on the asphalt at Chick Fil A. Not a big deal. I don't know what Jesus would do. It's probably good to think though it, but it's not worth lighting a torch and storming the Marlboro Man's house.

Let's try to fight for what's really really important. Let's go back to what Jesus ACTUALLY said. Let's read our Bible instead of endless facebook posts. (But thanks for reading mine.) It's probably maybe possibly WJWD.