Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Not a Revelation About Dedication

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In case you missed the picture of my beautifully stuffy-sweatered children this weekend, here's an update:

We dedicated Cash (also known as "$$" for shorthand) to the Lord at church on Sunday.

Since $$ has a new routine of *ahem* clearing out his bowels at 5 AM, I had plenty of extra time on Sunday to consider baby dedication. I thought about times in the Bible that a baby was dedicated, and I was reminded of Samuel.

So, here I am, innocently trying to just read about Samuel getting dedicated at the buttcrack of dawn and then be done and zone out on some Daniel Tiger. But geez, the Lord had other things to say.

Here's the first chapter of Samuel in an extreme nutshell:

Hannah wants a baby really bad. She's tired of waiting and sad and crying. She has to share her husband with a tacky other wife who is making fun of her infertility. Husband is nice and tries to help with good words. DOESN'T CUT IT. She has hit the point of NEEDING a baby and cannot be comforted. She cries so hard that the priest thinks she drunk. (I'm sure she thought "if only...")

What is striking to me is that "The Lord HAD KEPT HER FROM HAVING CHILDREN" (1.6). It was the Lord's fault! He saw that she was DISTRAUGHT and that she was dealing with a catty close relative and HE hadn't given her children.

So then later on, she cries and prays some more and "pours out her heart" to the Lord, and promises to give her son back to the Lord if he would bless her with one, and badabing... she gets pregnant.


I have been feeling a lot of the same frustrations. It feels like the Lords timing is not our timing. We are prayerfully searching for a house and even made an offer on one last week (we got outbid), so that we can provide for the new child that we are trying to adopt.

I have to admit, my prayers have turned a little bit snarky.

"Lord... I mean... whatever... we're sitting here, trying to DO YOUR WILL and ADOPT A CHILD but I mean... you're the one closing doors here... so whatever, but let me remind you of how you've commanded us to care for orphans and that THIS IS PURE RELIGION but you probably know that because you wrote that... and let me remind you that WERE TRYING TO DO A GOOD THING HERE."


And then both of my kids contracted ear infections and needed to whine their way through several days which is so nice for team morale.

So bring it back to Sunday morning. It was like a lightbulb moment. MY TIMING IS NOT THE LORD'S TIMING EVEN WHEN IM TRYING TO DO A GOOD THING. There's a reason.

Here's the rest of Hannah's story. (Again, in readers digest form.)

She had that baby. She dedicated him to the Lord. The Lord made her supa-fertile afterward and she had 3 other sons and 2 daughters. 1 Samuel 2:  Samuel grew up in the presence of the Lord. (v.21) He grew "taller and in favor with the Lord and people." (v.26) He served the Lord, and as he grew, the Lord was with him.

She writes a poem in 1 Samuel 2 about how the Lord reverses a lot of the things we see. Weak are strong, the infertile are fertile, the mighty are broken, etc...

And then Samuel led Israel into the time of Saul and then David which led to the lineage of baby Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. So. Maybe the Lord's timing was better for Samuel's life.

Maybe the Lord's timing is better for my life.

Maybe the Lord's timing is better for your life.

Hannah remained steadfast in her faith and confident in God's plan. (Stole that from the footnotes... thanks for the nugget Bible scholars.)

And after all of that, I didn't get any revelation about dedication, but I am choosing to trust the Lord's timing and copy the words and faithfulness of Hannah.

**As an update, we do plan to transition T into our home soon. Yes. 3 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment. We feel like it's time to bring him in, with or without a house. Please pray for all of our space-sharing hearts. Especially the little ones. Thank you friends. 

^ baby dedication cuties