Thursday, April 10, 2014

3 Lessons on Life Without a Smart Phone

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So, remember that time I started a blog 2 years ago about saving money?

And then I got pregnant, had a beautiful baby, and couldn't remember to wear deodorant, much less post on a blog.

Well guess what? I dropped my iphone in water on Monday which coincided nicely with the first time ever that my beautiful baby has taken an independent nap lasting longer than 20 minutes. Therefore, I have time for an update. For my faithful readers (I'm looking at you, Kendall Calvert), I'm back! :)

Here is the latest tip we've received that has helped with our grocery bill immensely: meal plan. It goes just like how it sounds- you plan your meals. You plan meals that use the same kinds of ingredients and you literally write them on your calendar. Less wasted left over ingredients and less time going to the grocery story every night at 5 o clock with all the other crazies trying pull together ingredients for a delicious, healthy, filling, dinner. (AKA, when this happens, we end up with something from the frozen food section).

Since the baptism of my phone ON MY BIRTHDAY, and my temporary venture back into 2009 with my trusty LG, I've had some time to reflect on life without modern technology. Here are my thoughts:

1. Texting with T9 is crap. Here's how my attempts at texting Mason have gone:

Me: I'm writing a b   l   o   g post.
Mason (on his shiny working iphone): a   w   e   s   o   m   e
Me: Yes. So Happy. Clogging is hard...

2. (Mason is going to make so much fun of me for this...) But I just KNOW this is how Katniss felt- living underground- trying to survive through an apocalyptic type war... I truly feel that I can identify with her even more now. When the nukes start flying, I'll give everyone a refresher course on how to survive with T9. (see #1 for an example of my skillz)

3. I MIGHT be a texting addict. On night 1 after the INCIDENT, I tried to play it cool at the AT&T store.

Sales man: We can upgrade you tonight to [an incredibly overpriced and ridiculous plan with a name referencing the future- I think it was "NEXT!"] if you don't want to wait until May 1 for your free upgrade. *huge sparkly smile*
Me: Oh noooooooo... I dont care about technology. We don't even have cable- I'm above needing the latest and greatest!  No big- Lets just fire up the ole LG. This will be FIIIIIIIIINE! (I'll show him!)

Hours later:
Me: I'm not trying to be cell phone lady buuuuuut..... I really need to be able to accept imessages--- who am I? Laura Ingalls Wilder? Its been like 6 hours since I've texted ANYONE.
Mason: You're addicted to texting.
Me: oh nooooo... I'm just a social person- I need interaction. I'm missing so much in the lives of my friends- its not about the phone- its about PEOPLE! I CARE ABOUT PEOPLE!!!

.... so yeah, I'm a texting addict.

dont worry- something about T9 and sending and resending texts at grandma speed starves out an addiction.

I know this post mostly isnt about saving money- but I think it  goes along nicely with the tagline.... Its kind of a big deal.

Time without a smart phone actually does teach you a lot about yourself (see #2 and #3) - anyone willing to take a smart phoneless (also known as "I read books again") challenge with me?

(This picture has nothing to do with nothing- but its pretty, huh?)