Monday, September 3, 2012

Why a blog?

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After the grand fall of xanga, I never thought I'd find myself posting on a blog again. 2 things happened, and here I am.

1. I started thinking about the way we use social media. Do we use it to complain, rant, explain why our political views are right- and- if- you- don't- agree- you're- an- idiot? Or do we use it to encourage, help each other out, promote good?

2. I got married, and to say it nicely- my husband and I have been learning to live on what most people (in the United States) would consider not a lot of money. But we've learned how to work the system. We have all that we need and the Lord has been faithful in providing for us. We save money but we don't obsess about money. We do a lot of things that are free. We are grateful for all we have. And we're having the time of our lives. Many people have asked me for money-saving tips through this experience so I thought a blog would be a good place to post all I've learned. (And learn from other's tips as well)

So here I am. Back on a blog. Offering you my tips on how to save money. And if you find yourself saving a lot- do something good for someone else with your extra... I promise it feels a lot better than a material splurge.

Here are the rules of saving:
1. Swallow your pride. (You're going to feel silly doing some of these things at first)
2. Don't be lazy. (You have to clip coupons to have coupons)

Since this post is already too long, I'll wrap it up. I'll start posting the juicy money-saving stuff soon.
Let's be smart and resourceful with our money together.