Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Things that are free.

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Tip #1 in saving money: don't pay for things that you can use for free....or very close to free.

Here are a few things we do to save that really add up.

1. We don't buy bottled water. Ever. Even if its a super deal. (Which- it is a super deal at Walgreens this week if you MUST buy it). We have a few re-usable water bottles and we fill them up each day. Water bottles are a waste of money.

2. We don't buy napkins. I know it sounds hipster but we use cloth ones. Now, if you're having an all you can eat spaghetti supper for the neighborhood- then yes... plesase buy some napkins.. but if you're only feeding 2- napkins are a waste of money.

3. We don't pay for cable. I know that makes some people cringe-- but how bad would your life really be with less TV? We have some crazy antennas that I will morph into different distorted shapes when I'm desperate to see something on the tube. (Example: the Olympics) Cable is definatly a waste of money.

Another thing we do that isnt free but that saves us a TON of money is carpool. Does that mean sometimes one of us is early to work or late being picked up from work? Yes. Do we care when we're saving around $20 or more a month? No. We both currently work 20-30 minutes away from our apartment with only 1 exit seperating our drop off points. It would be silly not to carpool. If your spouse works in the opposite direction of you try to find a co-worker or friend that's headed your way. Like I said, we have to swallow our pride... its definatly worth it.

Those are the tips for today. Tomorrow I'll show you my Walgreen's trip (attack) from this weekend.